A long overdue update of this page is coming soon!  The last 4 years have been life changing.  Two bouts with cancer, a baby, and still kicking butt as an actor.  So many of my priorities have switched and my old website didn’t seem to represent these shifts.  Currently, I’m still working as an actor, writing (non-fiction and music with Sasha), but mainly my life is all about love, health, and babyland.

For info on my medical journey, you can go to www.vivavivian.org

or to www.gofundme.com/vivavivian2016

My instagram is pretty fun....lots of photos of our little guy and a great community of everyone who has been cheering us on from around the world.  Follow me:  @vivavivian

Thanks for checking in, I’ll slowly get this page up and running again.  If you need to email me, I’m at viviandominguez@me.com

Much Love,